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Based in Los Angeles, Gilded Events provides a wide array of wedding coordination services, from day of wedding coordination to full wedding coordination.

Gilded Events wants to make your wedding day a special occasion and something you will remember forever. Our number one goal is to ensure you have fun throughout the planning process and particularly on your special day. As wedding coordinators, we want to help turn your vision into a reality. Our wedding planners will work with you to give you the look and feel that you want, while being budget conscious and helping you to find the appropriate vendors, making every event a gilded affair.

"Paula brings a smart sense of style and a real inventiveness to each client," says one vendor who has worked with Gilded Events several times. "Her approach is not only fun, it's so creative and interesting." At a Gilded Events wedding, guests find décor and favors that surprise them - like elegant goldfish bowl centerpieces containing live fish or sweetly wrapped favors of aspirin along with a note instructing guests to "take two and DON'T call us in the morning."

This line of work requires an intense ability to stay organized, pace oneself over the months leading up to the celebration, and handle issues as they arise. "Paula is one of those people you can bank on," remarks one vendor. "She is always on top of things with production schedules, vendor contact sheets, and a clear concept of what the client wants. Plus, she handles stress with dignity and aplomb and is consistently personable."

"Paula's a great communicator," explains another vendor, "and she's also a true stickler for follow-up, which instills confidence in both vendors and clients."

Her mantra is simple: "A wedding is a special and sacred day, and it shouldn't be stressful." She takes care of her clients in a personal way, reassuring brides during every step of the process. "Paula called me on an almost daily basis during the month before my wedding," says one bride. "She calmed my frazzled nerves, reminded me to get enough sleep, eat well, and take time for myself. I can't explain how much this simple human comfort helped me."

"As I was making decisions about event flow, music, and the look of my special day, Paula steered me in a better direction several times," explains a bride. "And she did so graciously and confidently. I trusted her to facilitate my ideas because she's such an honest and good soul."

- Natasha Garber, Special Events Magazine

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